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How Can One Man Silence Over One Thousand People at a Time Within Seconds of Opening his Mouth, Keeping them Spellbound at the Edge of Their Seats For an Amazing 45 Minutes, While Leaving Them With a Powerful Influence Lasting For Years?


Over one million people have experienced The Motivate Experience; Kerry’s unique motivational show. He has spread his powerful and motivating words through five hundred communities across North America. His presentations are accompanied by his five motivational books about moving on from what’s been holding you back in life, entitled The First Chapter Series. In the realm of his recent accomplishments he has produced two short films and four educational documentaries on youth related issues and distributed them to high schools everywhere. And last but surely not least, his passion for business has led large companies to exceed well beyond their sales goals. His commitment as a business leader brings huge results to companies he’s passionate to work with.

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