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How Can One Man Silence Over One Thousand Students at a Time Within Seconds of Opening his Mouth, Keeping them Spellbound at the Edge of Their Seats For an Amazing 45 Minutes, While Leaving Them With a Powerful Influence Lasting For Years?


  • Kerry is a dynamic speaker and certainly captivated the attention of our students. He emphasized some important points on setting goals, encouraging others and how “stupid little comments” can tear down a persons self-esteem. He was most effective when he related his own experiences. His message proved to impact our community. Kerry’s charisma was enough to hold everyone’s attention even with a blank video screen behind him.

  • Kerry’s presentation needs to be heard all across the Nation. The youth of today will believe in themselves and all that life can offer after being inspired by Kerry through his messages. His positive words have touched so many lives, minds and hearts already. I feel that together we can eliminate the anxieties of childhood, adolescence and right through to adulthood by starting with positive reinforcement that Kerry has to offer.

  • We really appreciate your positive message to our students. It’s great to see such a positive role model at such a young age trying to make a positive difference within our community. Your message was great and we hope to have you back in the future.

  • We have had Kerry speak to most of our schools in our community, all of which have had tremendous positive responses towards his mission. He is well worth considering.

  • After seeing your presentation I realized I can achieve my own goals through the power of my mindset if I believe in myself.  Thank you very much for your words of wisdom. I can’t say anything negative about your presentation.

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Amazon Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker and Film Producer

Kerry Girling is an Amazon Bestselling Author, Motivational Speaker and Film Producer. He has motivated over one million youth throughout North America, promoting positivity and encouraging them to live healthy lifestyles. He has over fifteen years experience speaking to students on an International level. Kerry knows teenage people and the problems they face. His youthful appeal allows his audience to relate to his message a lot easier. He keeps their attention with an entertaining and enlightening message. This ability to connect with his audience creates an ultimate sense of honesty and truth that is readily absorbed and ultimately the message itself is that much more accessible, leaving a powerful influence lasting for years.

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