Motivational Speakers

Over One Million Youth Have had the Experience!

How Can One Man Silence Over One Thousand Students at a Time Within Seconds of Opening his Mouth, Keeping them Spellbound at the Edge of Their Seats For an Amazing 45 Minutes, While Leaving Them With a Powerful Influence Lasting For Years?

Youth Speaker, Educational Film Producer and Author!

“I want to leave my mark in society in a positive way.”

~Kerry Girling


“All of the students here in our school were so excited to have Kerry Girling,

It’s great to see such a young role model.”




Kerry Girling – Educational film producer & motivational speaker has motivated over one million students throughout North America, promoting his positive messages and encouraging the youth to live healthy lifestyles. Kerry decided to take a break from his successful acting and modeling career to help motivate and influence teens in a positive manner. He has over thirteen years experience within the industry, speaking to students on an International level.

Kerry is a very youthful speaker whom intimately knows teenage people and the problems they face. His audience can relate to his message very easily. He keeps their attention with an entertaining and enlightening message. Focusing on Bullying, Finding Passion and making positive lifestyle choices, he believes that he can create a BETTER WORLD through BETTER YOUTH.


How To Stop Bullying In Schools

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