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How Can One Man Silence Over One Thousand Students at a Time Within Seconds of Opening his Mouth, Keeping them Spellbound at the Edge of Their Seats For an Amazing 45 Minutes, While Leaving Them With a Powerful Influence Lasting For Years?

Youth Speaker, Educational Film Producer and Author. Over One Million Youth Have had the Experience!

“I want to leave my mark in society in a positive way.”

~Kerry Girling




Kerry Girling – Educational film producer and motivational speaker has motivated over one million students throughout North America, promoting positivity and encouraging the youth to live healthy lifestyles. He has over fifteen years experience within the industry, speaking to students on an International level.

Kerry knows teenage people and the problems they face. His youthful appeal allows his audience to relate to his message a lot easier. He keeps their attention with an entertaining and enlightening message. This ability to connect with his audience creates an ultimate sense of honesty and truth that is readily absorbed and ultimately the message itself is that much more accessible, leaving a powerful influence lasting for years.

He believes that he can create a BETTER WORLD through BETTER YOUTH.
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Kerry Girling strives to be the most influential motivator of the new age. His articles have been featured in numerous publications across the globe. Sit back and read some of his most recent articles on motivation. Get ready to be inspired!


Knowing Your Self-worth

Bullying is an issue that we’ve been dealing with for Centuries. My father, his father, even my great Grandfather experienced it. We all experience it in some way, at some point in our lives. Some experience it in school as a youthful teenager, while others experience it at home in a nasty relationship, or even in the work place. Neither of us are immune to it. It happens on the streets, it happens at soccer practice, and it happens to the people that you’d least expect. Read more


Moving on From What’s Been Holding You Back

As we move forward in life, with each new experience, new inner feelings are generated. These feelings contribute to our overall perspective of society and the world around us. Various influences also affect the way we see reality. They harness control over the way we manage our decisions. Our perspectives are always changing. It’s important to build a strong level of confidence so you can forge your lifestyle in a positive direction. Read more


Accepting Life For What it Is

Life is best described as a board game. There are a series of challenges that we must face within our lives in order to move forward in a positive direction. A board game is similar. We, as players within the game, all have two similar things in common; we all want to achieve happiness and neither of us wants to suffer. Even though, happiness (moving forward in the game) doesn’t come easily, and suffering (losing at the game) is evident for everyone at times, it’s the choices that we make within the game that reflect our belief system. Read more


Freeing Your Mind From Limiting Beliefs

There are many factors that prevent us from reaching enlightenment and true happiness in life. Some of these factors were learned within our childhood and continued later through adulthood. It’s been known for quite some time that our childhood experiences affect us later in life. For example: A person may host limiting beliefs that he is a failure because his parents always told him so. Read more


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How To Stop Bullying In Schools

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