A lesson on belief and taking action

Over the years, I’ve grown new perceptions of how the World really works. In fact, I’ve continuously studied people; how they think, and how they react to the environment around them. My conclusions are astounding. As a matter of fact, I learned that people who are happy; those who find their inner happiness, and those who bring out the positive in negative situations, generally took more action with their lives. They built the courage inside to take charge of their lives, rather than those who constantly fought against their own happiness by always thinking in negative terms. I’ve realized that those who were generally positive thinkers had a stronger belief system.

Belief and action are two important fundamentals that one must instil in order to achieve success. Far too often I have talked with friends or family members, and as they tell me passions and inspirations, they continue to tell me how lazy they are, or they make excuses as to why they don’t take action. They seem to never experience the fruits of life. In fact, their stories tell the exact opposite. If they were to reach a little further, perhaps step outside of their comfort zones and grasp onto opportunities with a more positive mindset, they would live a joyous life, but no matter what you tell them they remain in a negative state. Let me tell you this; without a positive belief comes zero action.

How do you react when the environment provides you with an opportunity? What beliefs are you feeding your mind? Are your thoughts dragging you down and making you lazy?

All too often, we remain grounded in reality because of the illusion of our limitations. Our limitations hold us back from wanting more. They make us lazy feeling defeated and make us sleep longer. They deplete our self-worth, and we lose our imagination in the process, forgetting what’s truly important. Don’t let this happen to you. Create a solid belief system by eliminating your negative beliefs one at a time. Start thinking positive in every situation, and believe in yourself! Doing so will allow you to take action towards your passions without procrastinating.

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  • Katelyn

    No external force can kill us in the same way as our own internal negativity can. Nothing comes even close. I have been through all this. It was as hellish as it gets. It took me an insanely long time to build the positive attitude and belief system which I live on at present. Negative belief systems can rob of everything from even the most talented and gifted ones.

  • Brody

    I sometimes find myself fearing success. A few years ago I used to think that having a lot of money and being successful and happy is a sin, something bad. Why? Because of so many people who aren’t, who don’t have enough to pay the bills, to eat, to raise their children and so on. I felt responsible, in some way, for all of them. I then realized that if I do become successful I could help so many more people than I could if I was poor. With money I could solve an immense number of problems that couldn’t be solved otherwise. So I decided to become successful from that point on. I’m not there yet but I’m climbing the steps. I still fear success and what it will bring, to some degree, but not as much as before.

  • Madison

    There are definitely limitations that hold everyone back, even me. It just varies from person to person on what they are and what their severity is. Excellent post!

  • fero

    Kerry, Thank you for the article it pretty much sums up my life right now, i’ll try to get inspired by your suggestions..

  • Victoria Eboru

    Thank you so much. I’m better now may God bless you. continue your good work to inspire souls like me. Thanks one more time again. Thanks. ):

  • francisca

    Wow. This post perfectly describes what I am going through right now. Thank you for your words. It’s nice to be validated on my feelings and know that I’m not the only one.

  • Jeremy Taylor

    I’ve been following your blog for awhile now, you’ve always got some of the best insight and advice…this sticks out as one of the best posts yet…when I shifted from a life of chasing selfish and non giving ways it sucked the life out of me…a few years ago I made the personal shift in life to giving and have seen great changes in all areas of life ..it’s incredible!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome article Kerry !!! Almost its 2 weeks i left my job and started my own business, this articles gives me more inspiration and things to consider, I like the way you write, thanks for sharing

  • Diablo

    The only thing that holds us back in our lives is our belief and mindset. We have to step out from our comfort zone to achieve something. And once we take this action, no one can stop us from being successful.

  • Jonathan

    Such motivating lines. Exactly what I need in my life right now where I don’t really know my path and the way to reach that path. But I have the belief that I will get there one day. I will fight down my negative thoughts, take necessary action and shall win it all. Thanks a lot for those heart-warming words. You have no idea how much they help people like me. Keep writing like this.

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