Being Enlightened

The term enlightenment was derived in the early thirteen hundred’s. It’s an English word that was coined to express a spiritual awakening. It’s also described as “the end of suffering.” To be truly enlightened, one must search deep within their spiritual selves. Nobody can force enlightenment upon another individual. It must be done in collaboration with pure thoughts and meditation. An individual’s body must be at peace in a positive environment to bring it to fruition. The fullest form of enlightenment generally comes after a person has eliminated all reoccurring thoughts within their mind; they are still and at peace with themselves, and have deleted any possible forms of negativity surfacing their mind. True enlightenment is an incredible feeling. It instantly makes you feel compassionate towards others and brings powerful confidence to ones psyche.

Enlightenment comes to those who are completely at ease with their mind; with absolutely no ill feelings whatsoever about themselves or towards anyone else; with zero hatred, remorse, regret or dissatisfaction in their lives. It comes to those who have one hundred percent full control over their thoughts. Those that can control their minds to think positively and eliminate the negativity. It comes to inspired minds and to those that have found their passion. In fact, enlightenment comes in a variety of methods. Most importantly, it comes to those that wish to find it.

I’ve been pursuing enlightenment for many years. Earlier on, I didn’t believe it was possible to accomplish; to be enlightened. I assumed I just had to deal with what was presented to my mind. In fact, I didn’t realize that I had full control over my moods either. Complete peace within my mind sounded foolish, and to be able to control my inner emotions always seemed so intriguing yet near impossible. It wasn’t until I saw proof. Actually, I read it in a book. My inspiration came from scriptures of Buddhist monks that described their own experiences in becoming enlightened. Some worked very hard on training their mind to reach full enlightenment. In fact, they served almost every waking hour of their days training their minds to eliminate the bad and bring in only the good. They sat in silent chambers for years trying to unleash their inner happiness. Their accounts shared that happiness wasn’t brought by external things.It wast their minds served them everything they needed to be truly happy people. This showed me dedication and perseverance. It radiated affection and brought me in close enough to strive for the same. It was impressive to see how dedicated they were to reach such a goal. In fact, they brought themselves to be the best, most positive individuals possible. Their ambition sparked interest for me to to follow suit. It made me seek the inner desire to become the most pure, happy and content individual that I could be.

Being truly enlightened is a wonderful feeling. The best way I can describe the experience is feelings of satisfaction, joy, happiness, and contentment all at once, mixed with a little fantasy. It’s truly living in the moment one hundred percent. Being enlightened is brought on by those who take it seriously. It cannot be forced, nor can it be released in a negative environment. It can be produced over and over again with dedication. In fact, many people claim to experience enlightenment for great lengths of time. Even though it takes strength of the mind to be achieve but even the weakest minds have found it.

I encourage you to try.

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Kerry Girling
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  • Maddie

    I really appreciated this post, especially the bit of backstory you included. Your whole website is full of beautifully written, inspiring articles and this one is no exception. Loving your posts!

  • Brandon Stone

    That’s so enlightening 🙂 No, really one of the most beautiful posts on your ever inspiring blog. Even after reading your story and what you wrote of Buddhist monks, I still think achieving complete enlightenment is one of the most toughest things to achieve in our lives. The problem is in our ever changing, ruthless, fast moving, competitive world, which don’t allow us to even breathe peacefully. But I hope I too one day, with complete dedication and hard work it needs, shall be able to achieve complete enlightenment and start living entirely in the present.

  • Kirsten

    If you desire to become enlightened I suggest that you break up your journey into some smaller steps. The first task is to practice love and become happy. Enlightened people are both happy and loving.

  • Madison

    Enlightenment is more or less what we all want, and we all see enlightenment as something different. For some, it is simply happiness and inner peace. For others, it can be as complex and difficult to attain as a feeling of oneness with God, almost as if you were already in heaven. Ultimately, it just depends on who you are and what you want from life, but I think we ate capable of becoming enlightened.

  • Belinda Mitchel

    kerry, I experienced it for a few seconds (what brought me back was the excitement of experiencing it), and I wonder if one can actually also use it to print ideas over the unconscious, like, hacking one’s old belief about something, some bad thoughts, etc etc. Because I felt it was like sitting in the “control room”, and that was not even close consciousness, it was far, far beyond it. like a shortcut to the introspection-repair process. Thank you for all this.

  • Belinda Mitchel

    Enlightenment is whatever you want to call it. Like every other concept in the book.

    I certainly agree that the process of improving is more important than any state during.

  • Wen Jiang

    Belinda is right. Enlightenment means different things to different people. But one thing is for sure and you are right to point it out, enlightenment also means being able to deal with, and not escaping, everyday problems and the transcending of the ego.

  • Janine E

    You really nailed all the stereotypes. I enjoyed your idea that enlightenment isn’t an escape from life and struggle, just from fear.

  • hugo

    Enlightenment occurs when we experience all that it means to be human – joy, suffering, loss, love, pain, compassion etc. and are still able to achieve clarity and put life and its struggles in perspective.

  • David

    Yes, we can be “enlightened” and still be human. We can perceive that we are one with all things and still misplace our car keys and be otherwise far less than perfect. Excellent post kerry!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the awesome post kerry, it made me realise that I was already enlightened rather than chasing some impossible ideal.

    Just giving up fear, hate, judgement and predjudice, feeling love and compassion for all others and bringing light and passion into the world is all it takes. Not to be some grand poobah on a mountain somewhere. 🙂

    Thanks so much for that insight.

  • Anonymous

    Just came across this one, but this is a great post Kerry!

    Your discussion of enlightenment here makes me think in the following terms: life is a series of decisions between fear and love. This is something I struggle a tremendous amount with ”I want to choose love, but I know I act out of fear very frequently.

    Thanks again for sharing your insights, as usual.

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