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Being grateful is the simplest way to raise your happiness meter. When you feel grateful for something your body emits hormones that make you feel good. When you feel good your body operates at a higher vibrational frequency. When you practice being grateful you become more wholesome and your values match the rhythm of your life’s tune. When this happens your happiness meter sky rockets. Everyone, no matter who you are, has many things to be grateful for. I use the term ‘things’ lightly because ‘things’ are generally perceived as materialistic objects. This is not what I’m referring to. In fact, the less material grateful you are the more wholesome you’ll be. Let’s focus on the more heartfelt approach to being grateful.

It’s easy to be grateful for something physical, like your car, or the home you live in. It’s easy because you can physically see the object which makes it easy to feel the happy emotions they bring. Unfortunately, materialism only causes more dissatisfaction. Obviously the car and home are staples to managing a lifestyle in today’s society. Well, maybe the house is a staple, the car could technically be done without. The point that I’m trying to make is that the materialistic items like the jewelry on your body, the toys your children play with, the products companies across the globe market to us, the faster car or bigger home, or even the greener grass. None of this is needed to live an optimal life. In fact, many of us get sucked into the tunnel of disappointment upon purchasing these products. They simply will not make you happy, period. Well, maybe for a short period, however, if you’re looking for lasting happiness you’ll need to focus less on the materialistic and more on the wholesome qualities of your life; like your siblings, your career or passions. There are plenty of non-materialistic things to be grateful for. You just need to tap into your creativity.

The best thing you can do to maintain being grateful is to create a mantra with the things you’re grateful for in life and repeat it daily. I can assure you you’ll start to appreciate life more every time you say it.

I say my grateful mantra at least three times per day every day. I often start my days off by saying it in the shower. I’ll say it again (in my head) on the way to work, and once again usually before I go to sleep at night, or after supper. Nowadays, I know my mantra like the back of my hand. I’ve said it to myself hundreds of times. It’s already been engrained into my mindset. In fact, often times, as soon as I get into the shower in the morning my head instantly starts reciting my mantra because my mind has been trained to recite it every I’m in that environment. Here’s how my mantra goes:

I’m grateful for my mother and father. I’m grateful for my brothers and sisters, friends and distant family. I’m grateful for my two daughters; Sophia and Olivia. I’m grateful for my wife Melanie, and all the opportunities that surround me every day. Lastly, I’m grateful for the materialistic things that make my life easier.

It’s simple to remember, and it makes me feel happier after reciting it every time. I’ll either say my mantra aloud or inside my head. It all depends where I am. When I’m frustrated with something in my life I’ll restate it. It allows me to stay level headed and balanced when I’m struck with a catastrophe. Note that I left the materialistic stuff to the end of the mantra. Hint: The fruit is in your relationships.

I recommend you write your own mantra. It’s super simple, and it comes with much reward. Here’s what you can do to start the process.

When you’re meditating ask yourself this question, “What am I grateful for in my life?”  Test your mind to delve deep into the reserves to find at least four qualities of your life (non-materialistic) that you’re grateful for. When you find four write them into a mantra similar to mine. Then practice saying the mantra to yourself at least three times every day. Soon, the magic of your own happiness will unfold right in front of you, just by being grateful.


Exercise: Positive focus

Another great way to raise your grateful meter is to complete a positive focus. This exercise requires only that; your positive focus. It’s a quick way to generate a healthy perspective of your past. Here’s what you’re going to do.

In a quiet comfortable environment sit as though you were getting ready to meditate. Take a few deep breaths to get ready. Try to clear your mind as much as possible. If any negative thoughts arise try to eliminate them altogether. You need a positive state for this exercise. When you’re ready, relax, and think back six months. In fast playback form, think of as many experiences as you can that happened in that period of time. Sift through all those images and find the accomplishments. This can be anything from starting a relationship to launching a business idea, being in the newspaper and everything in between. Focus on your accomplishments and you’ll be delighted to see how many happy memories exist within your mind, even just in the previous months. Be creative, and try to find at least six qualities; one for each month.

When you reminisce about something that makes you happy it builds confidence which is important for generating happiness. Remembering some of your happy times gives you that solid feeling that you’re on this Planet for a reason. This exercise is to help you understand that everyone has something to be grateful for in life, no matter who you are, or what hand you were dealt. Being grateful is one of the easiest ways to generate happiness in your heart.  You can do this through a positive focus.


This is only one of the fifteen commandments to happiness. If you’re interested in the complete set of commandments please visit Commandments to Happiness

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  • Hannah

    I’ll be the first to admit I can be pretty bad about being grateful in my everyday life. It’s not that I don’t thank people when they do things for me and appreciate them, but I think for me it’s more the fact I don’t think on a daily basis “I’m grateful to have a roof over my head and food to eat” because I take it for granted. This is the worst thing you can do because when you’re grateful for absolutely everything in your life you’ll lead a healthier, more positive life with a better mentality and that will make every other aspect of your life fall into place. That exercise sounds like a great way to build confidence and positivity, I’ll definitely be trying it.

  • Roberta

    I’ve developed a morning habit where I say at least one new thing or person I am grateful for having in my life that day. It might be that I feel grateful just because it’s sunny outside, or because I have ears to hear the birds chirping or because I have a loving family. I say this out loud and give thanks to the Universe for providing these things. Before bedtime I am grateful for the day I was given, for the good that made me happy and the bad that helped me learned something.

  • Jamie

    Cognitive behavioral therapy is such an interesting thing – by changing the way you think about something you can improve your outlook on life. Focusing on the positives in life is the easiest way to be happy. I really should try it more. Everyone has something they can be thankful for no matter how low they feel. So inspiring.

  • Stalwart

    This is very informative. Being grateful is the simplest way to raise your happiness meter. Going through this guide, it makes me take an honest look at myself and say I will always be grateful! Everyone, no matter who you are, has many things to be grateful for. Even we have to be grateful for the gift of life. Now am always grate for any little thing done for me. I used the above guidelines to ensure it reaches most people in my audience. Thanks.

  • Gabriela

    Very Well Explained details of being happy and spread happiness. Thank you so much dear for such a nice article.

  • Wendy Edge

    I ma a work in progress. I am trying to learn how to be more thankful. I know when I am, I am so much happier. I hate the bitter voice in my head that always compares and looks at what others have instead of what is right in front of me. Really enjoyed this read. Going to save this one 🙂

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