Perfect for High schools, Junior High schools, Colleges and Sports teams

At Kerry’s age, with the experience he has and the devotion that he gives to his audiences, he sends an impressive message. This has allowed Kerry to become a positive role model to his students. His incredible multimedia presentation focuses on the power and benefits of Goal setting, Finding your Passion, Confidence Building, and eliminating Bullying. Through heartfelt stories and dramatic video footage he is able to share his knowledge and encourage those within his path for years to come. His one-hour presentation includes a combination of videos and topics, including:

Session #1: Lifestyle – 25 Minutes

1. Goal Setting & Finding Your Passion
2. Choosing your lifestyle
3. Helping and Encouraging Others
4. Visualization exercises


Session #2 Bullying – 35 minutes

1. Kerry’s personal story about his experiences with Bullying
2. What to do about it / How to spot it
3. Building confidence & self-esteem
4. Encouragement – A message for all


Session #2 Life – 10 minutes

1. Understanding life from various perspectives
2. Accepting and appreciating life for what it is
3. The power of being grateful
4. Visualization exercises

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Visit Kerry’s music page to be inspired. See Kerry’s published books on motivation