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Door to door imageDoor-to-door – Also known as direct selling, door-to-door sales involves the purchase of products or services directly from a salesperson visiting a consumer’s home or business. This strategy has proven consistent results for hundreds of companies globally. It’s a way to generate insurmountable results in a short period of time. Although it’s an expensive way to grow a consumer base, it’s a great way to get solid prepaid sales day-after-day without having to put up much up-front expenses. Some say its the best sales method, period. We agree with them.


Short History:

Kerry Girling started a business directed on serving healthy lifestyles for teenagers through motivational seminars. Since then he has maintained a steady presence in the motivational industry not only through delivering motivational seminars, but through personal leadership materials, including books, workbooks and materials that deliver important fundamentals to achieve success. In 2006 Kerry delved into the entertainment industry and produced four educational documentaries and two feature films on youth related issues, and distributed them all across the continent. With almost two decades of experience in empowering youth and adults he is geared to revolutionizing the way his consumers approach their way of life. Passion is the best way to describe his initiatives.


In 2012 Kerry  delved into the world of door-to-door sales. He launched a new company – Ignite Marketing Solutions with colleague Gerald Bradbury. Together they’ve revolutionized the door-to-door sales marketing world. Their proven strategies have helped their clients grow their businesses exponentially. Their most recent client gained 10,000+ new customers.

Together they’re ambitiously working with multiple companies in various industries, customizing sales campaigns that deliver products and services to homeowners and business owners.

Door-to-Door experience:

Their experience as door-to-door specialists have already generated a tremendous amount of interest from businesses across North America. Their track record proves their dedication. From customizing sales campaigns and creating the perfect sales pitch to smash sales goals – no matter what project they’re working on they always excel. They’ve even forged online sales training systems that led hundreds of sales representatives and sales managers across the Nation. Their ambition is to grow Ignite to a Fortune 500 company, focusing on building businesses in various industries.


If you’re interested in speaking with us further about how we can help your company generate a ton of new customers in rapid time please contact us directly.

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