bulling speakerKerry Girling has motivated hundreds of thousands of youth Globally on positive lifestyle choices over the past thirteen years. His early passion of public speaking forced his talents to fruition through writing books, producing educational films and now through his latest blog. Kerry strives to be the most influential motivator of the new age. His articles have been featured in numerous publications across the globe. Sit back and read some of his most recent articles on motivation. Get ready to be inspired!

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Knowing Your Self-worth

Bullying is an issue that we’ve been dealing with for Centuries. My father, his father, even my great Grandfather experienced it. We all experience it in some way, at some point in our lives. Some experience it in school as a youthful teenager, while others experience it at home in a nasty relationship, or even in the work place. Neither of us are immune to it. It happens on the streets, it happens at soccer practice, and it happens to the people that you’d least expect. Read more


Moving on From What’s Been Holding You Back

As we move forward in life, with each new experience, new inner feelings are generated. These feelings contribute to our overall perspective of society and the world around us. Various influences also affect the way we see reality. They harness control over the way we manage our decisions. Our perspectives are always changing. It’s important to build a strong level of confidence so you can forge your lifestyle in a positive direction. Read more

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