The Motivate Experience

a concept project … in the making

An experience that will make you believe

A project that'll inspire over 100,000+ youth

The Motivate experience is the newest form of entertainment show in the speaking industry. It started as Kerry Girling’s ultimate goal. Throughout his 18 years of speaking in gymnasiums to hundreds of thousands of high school students, his drive & passion to reach this goal only grew stronger. Now the time has come to bring it to fruition.

Kerry always knew that one day he would produce a motivational show that is much different than anything anyone has ever seen before. After his goal of speaking to one-million students was reached, he set out to accomplish a much larger feat; his goal is to produce a show that’s not only entertaining, however, is a unique & electrifying experience that takes each viewer on an emotional roller-coaster. Something that leaves his listeners inspired, motivated & encouraged to reach for their goals & ambitions.

Kerry’s experience within the industry has allowed him to mould a respectable image within the industry, and his message is welcomed by audiences of any genre. His unique speaking method surrounds his incredible true life stories, and he brings each listener along a journey that puts them directly into the Motivate experience. It’s funny, it’s inspiring, and it’s entertaining. There will laughter, there will be tears, and each person that hears Kerry’s message will leave their seats feeling charged to fulfill their own desires.


As students by the thousands take their seats in auditoriums across North America, the anticipation for the big show begins to build and feelings of excitement grows in the air. A sixty foot screen backs the stage, equipped with smoke, pyrotechnics and enough lights for a mesmerizing light show. Once everyone is settled in their seats, a fast paced video introduces this magical and motivational show, along with Kerry Girling; the man behind the Motivate Experience.

Flashes of many different videos & images representing self-esteem, pride, strength and ambition are displayed on the screen while catching the attention of every patron. The eight minute introduction video is enough to say that they definitely received the show that they have all been waiting for.

When the video comes to an end, the anticipation & energy that spreads throughout each facility will be incredible. As Kerry enters, and as he begins his enlightening message, you will be able to hear a pin drop by the silence, which can only be described as one thing—Electrically Charged. His entry is followed by the most life-changing message on motivation one will ever witness.

Kerry’s genuine & honest persona allows him to respectably tell his own story, as if it was happening right in-front of his audiences’ eyes. His stories are filled with hard-hitting life messages that inspire, encourage and motivate. This interaction with his listeners is something that no others have experienced. His strong story-telling abilities, mixed with his to-the-point, hard-hitting & inspiring message will focus on important life issues that students face daily, including bullying, overcoming fears, finding your passion & inner happiness. Through personal stories, real life testimonies and dramatic video footage, Kerry will instill a message in the minds of his listeners for years to come. Along with those main topics, Kerry will also discuss the importance of preparing for your future, increasing self-esteem, the ability to make clear decisions for the future and how to handle these future plans while still making positive life choices.

Kerry uses unique techniques within his presentations that help each person imagine a better future and create positive change towards their own future. His genuine connection with each listener allows his talents to flow to their fullest potential. Teaming up with electronic DJ’s, Hip-Hop artists, and other entertainers alike, together they’ll generate the type of inspirational appeal that’s truly unique.

Traveling from city to city, in auditoriums throughout North America as a stadium attraction, The Motivate Experience will inspire hundreds of thousands of youth to believe in themselves.