“Kerry is a dynamic speaker and certainly captivated the attention of our students. He emphasized some important points on setting goals, encouraging others and how “stupid little comments” can tear down a persons self-esteem. He was most effective when he related his own experiences. His message proved to impact our community. Kerry’s charisma was enough to hold everyone’s attention even with a blank video screen behind him.”

~Teacher, J.C. Charyk High School


“Kerry’s presentation needs to be heard all across the Nation. The youth of today will believe in themselves and all that life can offer after being inspired by Kerry through his messages. His positive words have touched so many lives, minds and hearts already. I feel that together we can eliminate the anxieties of childhood, adolescence and right through to adulthood by starting with positive reinforcement that Kerry has to offer. He is youthful, has the experience and passion that has driven him to success. The life skills that can be learned through Kerry’s presentation will instill the confidence needed to achieve their individual goals for the future. Kerry’s tour will be a major influence today and long into the future. I highly recommend him”

~Cathy Triolo – Mother of a teenager


Thousands agree…

“I have met this young man and recommend your school consider having him come to speak to your students. He is a passionate, well-spoken speaker.”

Saskatoon Public Schools


“We have had Kerry speak to most of the Regina schools, all of which have had tremendous positive responses towards his mission. He is well worth considering.”

Regina Public Schools


Schools, students and administrators

“You were a positive role model to us in Ottawa. After seeing your presentation I realized that I can achieve my own goals through the power of my mindset if I believe in myself.  Thank you very much for your words of wisdom. I can’t say anything negative about your presentation.”

~Student, Ridgemont High Ottawa, ON


“I am a student from Lethbridge Alberta and I wanted you to know that what you said was very beneficial to us all. You made a difference in our minds, especially during the bullying segment. We see the problems with low self esteem so often with a lot of our students in my school.”

~Student, Lethbridge Collegiate, Alberta


“We really appreciate your positive message to our students. It’s great to see such a positive role model at such a young age trying to make a positive difference within our community. Your message was great and we hope to have you back in the future.”

~Staff and students, Kincardine Collegiate, Kincardine, ON


“On behalf of Queen Elizabeth school, the staff and students would like to thank you for the participation in our second annual live it up day! Your contribution is greatly appreciated. Your message was very impacting and left a positive message with our students. I will highly recommend you to our neighboring schools.”

~Staff & SADD Students, Queen Elizabeth School, Vancouver, BC


“Thank you very much for your time with us. It will be long remembered. I continue to appreciate what you did for the staff and students at Rosthern Jr. College. Students have commented many times about their appreciation for the deeper life days and resource persons. Blessings to you as you continue to share your stories with the youth.”

~Principal, Rosthern Jr. College:Rosthern, Saskatchewan



Life Changing Stories

“Kerry, before you came to my school, I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t focus on the things that mattered most. I was always worried about what everyone else thought of me and my confidence was depleting. You made my high schools experience much better and now I live life with passion and am working towards becoming a teacher to help the people that are in my shoes.”

Student – Mount Royal Collegiate, Saskatoon, SK.


“Hi, you came to my school last week. I wanted you to know that you are an inspiration to many of my friends and I. Even though you may seem that some of us aren’t listening to your message, I want you to know that all of my friends were talking about your positive re-enforcement and goal setting fundamentals. Last year everyone in my family was in a car accident that killed two of my family members and every day I have awoken to the fear of something happening to the ones that I care for and now you have given me the hope that I can help positively change people that are close to me. Thank you for being there for me and my friends. Your message has been well received and I wish you the best in the years to come. Keep motivating the youth.”

Student – Manning High School, Alberta


“Thank you Kerry for being such a positive role model to our students in our community. I have had many other motivational speakers in our school and I (and many of the teaching staff) believe that your presentation has far surpassed the others that we have seen. The multimedia aspect of the presentation adds a lot to the positive re-enforcement that you strive for. We have seen a great deal of positive change within our school and I believe that you were a part of that experience. Thanks again!”

Principal – Kindersley Comprehensive, Kindersley, SK


“Kerry Girling, you visited our school in Ontario last semester and I wanted you to realize that many of our students were blown away by the stories that you talked about. The multimedia portion was a great benefit for the students to empathize within the specific situations. Bullying has always been a part of our community. I was bullied when I was young and it’s great to see such a positive role model to our youth. Keep up the good work!”

Teacher – Seton School, Vernon, BC


“Hi Kerry, First of all, I wanted to thank you for being a role model to my brother. I have notices significant change in his lifestyle since you came to our school. He has always been a person that hung around the negative people that don’t care about their futures and he is focusing on his goals and working towards getting an education, something that he would have never focused on before you came to our school. Thanks again for the help!”

Student – Meadowdale Middle School, Washington, USA


“Last year my best friend was also in a car accident that paralyzed her and now she cannot move her upper body. Even after the incident happened my friends still chose to drink and drive. It really bothered me and I wanted it to change, however it didn’t change until you drove the message through to them. I think that your story about your friend really hit home with them and now they make more positive choices. Thanks!”

Student – Forsyth High, Montana, USA


“Hi Kerry…I wanted to thank you for the ongoing support with taking the time to mentor me through my difficult times in high school. For years I thought that my family was never there for me and I felt like I didn’t have any support behind me until you came and helped out. It’s the small details that you do that help so much. I have never had a person go out of their way to help so much. Thank you very much and I wish you the best in the future!”

Student – St. John’s Collegiate, Winnipeg, MB


“Your presentation was very impressive. It’s amazing some of the great and fun things that you have done in your life. I am very envious of you! I wanted to let you know that I really benefited from your presentation. I used to have no direction with my life. I never realized how to find out what I wanted to do or how to get there and now I finally have come to realize what I am meant to do with my life. Thanks for the ongoing encouragement and support. I am going to university to become a mechanic and I feel that others will benefit from me. Take care!!!”

Student – W.P Wagner School, Edmonton, AB


“I love the way you look at life! Your view points expressed in your presentation is an inspiration to all of our students here in Regina. We recently had a death with one of our students, due to bullying. Your presentation really helped our students realize what is unacceptable (verbal and physical abuse) and I appreciate that there are people like you that take the time to express those important points to our students. Have a great day!”

Principal – Vankleek Hill Composite, ON


“I loved the presentation. It was really, really, really good and very inspiring! He caught my attention within the first few words of opening his mouth. I can’t think of anything that you can improve. We had him last year and I cannot believe how far he has come since then. Good job!”

Guidance Councilor – Crocus Plains Regional High School, Brandon, MB


“I liked his message because he wasn’t preaching like the other presenters that we have had. He uses real life experiences and shares them to us. His stories made an impact with our students and I feel that they got through to most of us. He is definitely the best presenter that we have ever had. He expressed the importance of keeping our community bully free and what to do if bullying happens in our school or community. He was awesome. Thanks!”

Student – Edmonton Christian School, Alberta


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