Kerry has always led a healthy lifestyle. He strives to encourage others to do the same. The truth is; a healthy lifestyle is much more than eating vegetables and going to the gym a few times per week. His captivating message includes Getting to know yourself, Goal Setting and Finding Your Passion. His strategies and wisdom allow his audiences to explore life-long goals and ambitions through visualization exercises. His message compiles the most important fundamentals of living a healthy lifestyle through raising your Self Esteem and Choosing Your Own Lifestyle. His powerful words will encourage any viewer to believe in themselves more than they did the day before.


Kerry has been spreading his anti-bullying message across North America for over a decade. His dynamic speech is accompanied by dramatic video footage of common youth issues such as BULLYING, drugs and alcohol abuse. He explores the victim, the bully and the bystanders to encourage his viewers how to spot it, what to do about it, and most importantly, how to eliminate it. His message is heard through the hearts of his audience and is felt by his viewers as his stories bring them back to their own bullying experiences from their past. His message brings back feelings and reminds us that everyone has dealt with the issue. We are not alone.


Kerry explains why finding friends that fit your lifestyle is so important – “It’s the friends that you hang around with that will either make you or break you.” That’s Kerry’s message. “It’s as simple as hanging around with encouraging people.” High school comes with many different experiences. Some are positive and some are negative. “It’s important to find positive influence along the way. It’s even more important to be a positive influence yourself.” His in-depth discussion explores Staying Confident and avoiding Peer Pressure. His message is accompanied with a captivating documentary about surrounding yourself around positive influences.


Beyond setting goals and passion searching there happen to be many fundamental components to living a life filled with abundant pleasures. In the mix of our fast paced lifestyles, problems and everything in-between, we forget that life is meant to be lived through finding happiness, not to be stressed. Its meant to be enjoyed and learned from, not the opposite. Kerry explains how you can unleash your true feelings by just enjoying the ride of life. His wisdom will allow anyone to move on from what’s been holding them back in any area of life through eliminating all forms of remorse, sadness, guilt and shame from the past.

Moving on from what’s been holding you back in life

Early in life Kerry discovered an intense passion for inspiring youth. At the pinnacle of his career Kerry was faced with a life altering experience—an early life crisis. While going through a divorce that shattered his confidence, his business took the same downward spiral. He speaks in-depth about the obstacles he faced that led him to his breaking point. Kerry brings you on a spiritual journey of forgiveness and acceptance while sharing the most pivotal answers to finding happiness in all areas of life.

Reliving his most heartfelt memories from the past three decades, Kerry learned to understand himself on an entirely new level of conscious; spiritually and mentally. His memories serve as inspiration to move forward in life through forgiveness. His spiritual transformation serves as a life coach to finding happiness.

Success formula to achieving happiness

Kerry’s master plan to living a fulfilling life will inspire even the skeptical. His revolutionary techniques to eliminating the negativity will encourage a wealth of prosperity to those who instill his methods into their everyday regimen. His proven success formula is driven through years of personal life tests and vigorous life enhancements. Everyone who has enlisted Kerry’s life coaching techniques have over performed within days.


There’s no reason to hesitate.



Kerry’s dynamic presentation is geared for those that are looking to inspire their community. You’ll never witness a presentation even close to the same as The Motivate Experience. Please Contact us for pricing in your area. We offer custom presentations to fulfill your groups needs. All bookings will also accompany a FREE Anti-Bullying package valued at $147. Read more