How do I know if my passion is worthwhile or if it’s just bleeding me dry?


This is something that can be explored into the deep depths. It’s also something I don’t know the exact answer to just yet. I’m personally still trying to reach a rather large goal – something much beyond my recent accomplishments. Kind of a lifelong goal. But, I do know quite a bit about the issue.

I’ve talked to more than half a million people about this very topic. It’s something I’ve personally explored and researched for a number of years. I’ve seen people pursue their passion for the love of it, and I’ve seen people pursue it for the wrong reasons – the money, the fame, or something not congruent with their values. The answer really depends more specifically on the circumstance. Each situation is different.

I often come across people who have become jaded, angry, and frustrated about life because they still haven’t succeeded with their goal in mind. They come to me usually after giving up on their dream. I sometimes get people who come to me after putting in everything they had – they second mortgaged their house, sold all their possessions and spent their life savings. These people have done literally everything in their power to succeed with their goal, but they’ve still fallen short. I’ve talked to people who lost their marriages, their homes, and everything they had because they believed in their goal so much and couldn’t give up. As you can see, the answer to the question above really all depends on a situation by situation basis.

If your passion has gotten in the middle of your marriage. If it’s forcing you to live a mediocre lifestyle. If you’ve spent everything you’ve made and don’t know where to go from here there’s a good chance you should try something different. I’m not saying you need to give up on what you’ve been striving for, I’m just saying that taking a break might be the best thing for you. When you take a break from your current reality you tend to focus on the opportunities that were once staring you in the face. This period of time allows you to reflect on what else is possible – other than what you’re already focusing on. Take a break from what you’re doing you’ll be surprised what you come across.


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