Knowing your self worth

Bullying is an issue that we’ve been dealing with for Centuries. My father, his father, even my great Grandfather experienced it. We all experience it in some way, at some point in our lives. Some experience it in school as a youthful teenager, while others experience it at home in a nasty relationship, or even in the work place. Neither of us are immune to it. It happens on the streets, it happens at soccer practice, and it happens to the people that you’d least expect. Bullying is a term that is commonly misconceived as a random playground mishap, but it’s so much more than that. It tears apart a person’s confidence, it rapes them of their courage and it causes serious psychological affects if not dealt with properly. To a Police officer bullying is no different than assault, abuse or harassment. I’ve seen it happen at schools, many times. In fact, I’ve heard countless stories about it. I’ve even experienced it myself. Bullying is like a plague that keeps circulating through our communities. It generates quickly and it comes with an incredible force that sets you back instantly. If a person experiences too much of it, they’re at an even higher risks of serious health problems.

In my experience as a motivator to high school students I’ve seen bullying take people in drastic measures. It’s effects can lasts well into adulthood. In fact, I’ve seen grown adults with poor self-esteem experiencing nasty health problems because of it. Tremendous amounts of guilt and shame can well inside of a bullied victim for years if not dealt with properly. It can be detrimental to a person’s life plan.  It’s simply not a laughing matter.

Eliminating the abuse within your life will drastically increase your self-worth. It will help increase your confidence and it will make you feel more important to society. Having a strong level of confidence will help you overcome any negativity. By increasing your self-worth, you’re changing the way you see the World entirely. It all starts with associating yourself around healthy relationships. Who are the people that you associate with? Who are the friends you hang around with? Who are your influences? Who are the people you’re taking advice from? The people in your life will either make you or break you. Are they taking more than they’re giving back? Are they good-willed, positive people, or do they drag you down and defeat you?

You are an important person who matters! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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  • Brandon Stone

    Yeah, like most kids I too was bullied during my time at high school. I entirely agree with the point you’re trying to make here. The amount of detrimental effect bullying can cause us is directly proportional to the level of importance we give to ourselves as human beings. It’s very important to increase our self-worth which shall automatically up our self-confidence and lead us to ultimate happiness and success. Excellent piece!

  • Mike

    I love this post ! Excellently written and while I was reading this as I feel like I am reading about myself. Thank you so much for this beautiful post! It gave me so much hope and encouragement!

  • Jennifer

    Thank you so much. I’m better now may God bless you. continue your good work to inspire souls like me. Thanks one more time again. Thanks. 🙂

  • Keira

    I know the meaning of bullying as I’ve to suffer from it a lot in my life. But I’m happy that I learned from it and build myself strong enough that no one can bully me now. And I would like to thank you for that, your e-books and articles helped me a lot in the process. It depends on you how you let other people treat with you. Love from Japan.

  • Madison

    When you understand who you are, what you want, what you need, and what you are worth, there is few ways that you can be unhappy. Have knowledge as to what you are worth and what you deserve helps you in so many aspects on your life; personally, romantically, in your work, etc. Very important!

  • Irene Savarese

    Thank you for this post.. I am slowly on this journey, and love your posts. Reading this today, the thing that jumped out at me was reducing debt. Something we’ve been trying to do, but really we are swamped by an enormous mortgage, all as a result of trying to turn simple into ‘bigger and better’, which as we’ve discovered is not always the case! With more space comes more debt, more room for the stuff to spread and more to clean. And more stress. We have a wonderful home with lots of space for the kids, but I sadly find myself dreaming of a simpler smaller space, with a much lower mortgage so we have money to take holidays, do yoga, enrich the kids lives w experiences instead of stuff…. I will keep on little by little.. Thanks again

  • Frank

    I know my worth, I have self confidence and I do not run after anything or anyone because I value myself more than anything else..

  • Diana

    The best thing i ever read to build up myself.. To make things right cause i really don’t know how build up my confidence cause I have been bully by other people ..

  • Linda L M

    Great post! Thanks for the advice….everyone needs some encouragement in difficult moments..

  • Gail Jones

    Fabulous. I always seem to find some sort of real, practical encouragement from the articles belief and value, and this one is no exception. Thank you, kerry, for having the courage to be who you are and share your struggles in becoming that with us. It really does help!

  • Rosa Turner

    Thank you for your post. I’m a place in my life where I need to remind myself success is a journey not a destination.

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