Life is a video game


Life is like a video game. The more points you generate allows you to procrastinate.
This story has no guarantees. But it’s filled with amazingly wonderful things.

Universe is the name of the software. It generates billions of one-of-a-kind avatars. All of them wishfully chasing to become a star. But, each of them dissatisfied with themselves.

Systematically they’re trained for enjoyment, but they strive for everything not important. Their morals are constantly defeated by their choices, especially when it comes to their own importance

This video game runs on an algorithm that’s perfect, coincidental but subliminal.
The characters within it mistake their own awareness. They defend their sins. And Careless

Their minds bleed from sadness. Their dreams of happiness is faded by their own imaginations. Passion proves the law of attraction. But only few take advantage of it. It it doesn’t make sense in a lot of ways, but nobody questions it.

They want to be happy with themselves and with what they’ve got, but they’re constantly broken down by their own individual thoughts. Mistakes are mistaken for weakness a lot. Opportunities are withered away and wasted without an afterthought.

Anything is possible is what they believe. Yet they’re starving for a chance for any type of relief. The human body is the master of itself. Amazingly perfect yet also very selfish.

Every character plays the role of the star of the show. The leader of the body, the mind and the soul. The one who decides its purpose is also the one feeling worthless.

Experiences are mixed with every emotion. Achievements let them live in the moment.
Confidence is the master of their voice. But, their actions force them to live with their choices.

They enjoy the days of their lives, but they hate it at the same time. The Matrix is the best way I can describe how their lives are in control of their minds.

They’re addicted to anything that brings happiness in the moment. But, Karma gets back at them when they go against their morals. Religion controls them. Their actions are deceiving for absolutely no reason.

Reality is attracted to their imaginations. But, they often succumb to negative temptations. Abuse is learned from the parents who raised them. Nasty comments soon becomes fear on their faces.

Their happiness is driven by their own decisions. Yet they’re influenced by negative ambitions. They’re competitive with their lifelong wishes. But, they’re jealous when they’re beaten by others.

The wars and the divorce rate replays their paranoia. It plays a role in how they become joyful. Anything is possible if you see the possibilities. But, most of them settle for less than what they believe they should receive.

This story goes on and on, and on and on … and on, and on and on. How are you going to play your role in this video marathon?

This video game is YOUR story of reality. You see it outside your windows and inside of society. Imagine YOUR reality as what I described as the video game. What do you wish to accomplish? And, what level are YOU going to play until?


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  • Rachael

    Interesting read! The video game of life! The addiction to anything that brings happiness may not be a problem, or so I think. But if it results in some disastrous outcome, then refrain.

  • Elliot Metcalfe

    You drew a very interesting analogy between life and game. To me, in the game of life we should celebrate every success and work hard to justify the role God has assigned us.

  • Gabriela

    Life is a game and we should enjoy it, work hard to make it more secure and happier to live!

  • Jason T

    I’m going to the last level and battle the BOSS… which in this case, is myself! Our biggest challenge is facing ourselves and overcoming our own self-limiting beliefs about life and our success. Hehe, awesome analogy, Kerry!

  • Relic

    I enjoyed your take on this a lot. I am a video game developer and this one kind of hit home with me. I feel like a lot of people overlook the little things in life and challenges are indeed a good thing. The only thing that stands out to me is the lack of a reset/restart option which I think we have all wanted at least once in our lives!

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