Moving on from what’s been holding you back

As we move forward in life, with each new experience, new inner feelings are generated. These feelings contribute to our overall perspective of society and the world around us. Various influences also affect the way we see reality. They harness control over the way we manage our decisions. Our perspectives are always changing. It’s important to build a strong level of confidence so you can forge your lifestyle in a positive direction. Confidence affects our decisions drastically. It affects the types of influences we gather and plays a huge role in the way we interact with other people. Being truly confident within oneself can be a difficult feat to accomplish, but not impossible. Unfortunately, every experience that we go through in life affects our confidence. In fact, with each conversation and with every interaction we experience, our minds are constantly forming new patterns of perspective. This triggers our confidence either in a negative or positive manner. Over the years, one can become quite beaten mentally because of the experiences they went through. A battered esteem can easily lead to depression, anxiety and other various self-defeating emotions.  Negative experiences and abuse are common grounds for people with a lack of confidence. Negativity can come in various forms. Neither of us is immune to it, nor can we avoid one hundred percent of its presence. We can, however, strengthen our minds to reach a fulfilling level of confidence. This will allow you to move through any negativity with ease and with less discomfort. Even though it can be difficult to accomplish, with practice you can achieve a healthy inner self-confidence.

For the most part, our parents were the biggest influences in our lives. Our closest friends and peers also are huge influences during our adolescent years. In fact, our friends can influence us in ways that even we’re unable to see at times. The types of decisions we make in life change with the new friends we adhere to. Our values and beliefs also change with the different friends we associate with. Our everyday influences drastically alter our lifestyles little by little each day without us even knowing it. Even though, there can be many positive attributes to having our friends in our lives, just like anything else, they also harness negative qualities too. Some of these negative qualities can be overlooked at times, whereas, other negative qualities may not be as easy to remain oblivious; like when someone steals, cheats or abuses another person repeatedly. Friends make our lives exciting. They bring joy to our lifestyles and they contribute to our overall happiness. There are many positive attributes to having friendships. Unfortunately, they also harness many negative qualities that separate us from achieving inner happiness. They can actually bring us further away from achieving the state of enlightenment. It’s important to hang around with the people that are encouraging in nature. This will fuel happiness in more areas than you would realize. A true friend is one that wants to see you succeed.

We generally link the feelings of happiness, joy, contentment and excitement to our friendships, however, a number of negative feelings can also be added to mix. Feelings of anxiety, anger, hostility, jealousy and other defeating emotions separate us from our friends at times. In fact, our friendships are lined with dissatisfaction. I’m sure we can all think back to a time we were misled, taken advantage of, or abused by our friends. In fact, our friendships are similar to the relationships with our siblings. They can be difficult at times, but they can be very satisfying too. With the positive comes the negative. Negativity can easily form within our friendships. Often times, we even let go of certain friendships due to lack of respect and intolerance. Tolerance is the perfect word to describe the answer to perfect friendships. How much dissatisfaction can you tolerate within your friendships?

Aside from friendships there are a variety of aspects that trigger our lifestyles to falter. Even though society provides us with stable grounds to live in, it also delivers unease to our minds daily. Often times, our experiences weaken us and make us feel unfulfilled. At times, these experiences cause our self-esteem to collapse. In fact, our experiences also cause jealousy between friends and neighbors. It causes us to feel weak and frustrated. It makes us compare ourselves with those that look different, and those that live in different cultures. It then leads into our relationships with others. We become jealous, angry or develop hatred. We consistently compare ourselves against others. Our society has led us in a direction that demands us to “Keep up with the Jones’,” it has forced beliefs into our minds and has engrained values into our heads; to become certain types of people within our communities and cultures. It has created a false sense of what is important in life. It’s important to instill values and beliefs that are in line with your own individual happiness. Happiness is different for everyone. Even though we are forced to live a certain way within society, by enlisting only the positive qualities into our minds, and eliminating the negativity that society delivers you, you’ll create a healthy perspective of yourself and the world around you.

You don’t need to harness feelings of inadequacy anymore. No longer should billboards, print media or any other forms of advertisements affect the way you see yourself and the world around you. You are a capable person, eager to accomplish amazing things. You harness all the qualities needed to live your dreams. Unfortunately, within your life, you grasped onto limiting beliefs and allowed them to lead your life for you. This no longer has to be the case. You can be in full control of your life and the type of lifestyle you live. Freedom is a state of mind. It can be achieved through enlightenment. Without the pleasure of freedom, one remains doomed in a reciprocating realm of negativity. It’s time to simplify your life and direct it to a path that fulfills your happiness. It’s time to search for your inner freedom. It’s time to unleash your inner potential and find the joy that resides directly in front of you. It’s time to take your life seriously and enlighten it with happiness and serenity.

There’s no need to live in mediocrity anymore. Each of us is filled with the necessary potential to achieve amazing goals and live amazing lifestyles. The only reason why you haven’t achieved this realm is because your beliefs have been tarnished over the years and you haven’t found new positive beliefs to replace the old negative ones. This has caused your self-esteem to flounder and your inner soul to weaken. You can build yourself to become a powerful person geared to fulfilling all of your desires in life. It can be achieved by recreating your values and beliefs. In doing so, your perspective of society will change for the better, you will become a more compassionate person in a way you never felt before, and you will reach a realm of enlightenment that will take you to unbelievable heights. Much of the inner relief that I’ve explained will be experienced when one is ready to take the steps to spiritual enlightenment.

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  • Maddie

    Moving on is a crucial step into becoming happy and at peace. There is no way you can ever be truly sound if you still hold onto past situations, relationships, and so on. This post is spot on!

  • Amy Satori

    I just went through a divorce and experienced what it feels like to have something hold you back. He did everything for me, he was gorgeous and walking around with him made me feel worth, he made all major decisions, and he laughed at me for believing what I believed. When I left him, I had to face him around every corner taunting me. I had to do for myself so was insecure to make big decisions, he wasn’t walking next to me anymore so I didn’t get the attention I had before, I decided to start my own business based on the very beliefs he laughed at. Moving on from what was holding me back has made me more confident than ever and I’m now very successful and powerful. You have to become free of that negative voice in your head… it’s just a compilation of everyone who’s ever tried to hold you back ’cause they were too insecure themselves. Break free and fly! I did.

  • Kirsten

    Very true and inspiring article. I strongly believe that one must dare to do what they want to do when confronted with fear. Yes, breathe, take control and go ahead. Cheers!

  • Darius

    I too believe that we already have the potential for greatness, each and every one of us! We are all born for a greater purpose but few of us get to live it because we are afraid of what we could become. There are always things that are going to hold us back. Every person has this “baggage”. It might be friends or family who unintentionally drag us down and keep us from unleashing our true potential. It could be a teacher’s harsh words, a car accident or a breakup that left scars. The bottom line is this: all these are just excuses to not move forward! If you want it bad enough, you will get past any excuse and actually let it motivate you to succeed!

  • Willy

    I think that family and friends from early on can be a huge factor in holding us back. I basically grew up in a toxic negative atmosphere my whole life and didn’t realize it until I got away for a bit. A lot of my friends were good people, but just didn’t get the whole striving for a good life thing. They were content with their spots and that’s fine for them, but being around them can bring you down as well. Sometimes you have to cut some friends out and give them the opportunity to rise up with you, but if they don’t, you can’t be dragging them along.

  • Madison

    I needed to read this! Lately this has been a big theme in my life and I finally need to just let go and move on. You can’t hold onto past issues, people, or relationships forever, or you will go insane. Trust me, I know!

  • Gabriel Ford

    It’s very difficult to forget something from your past that hurt us badly. But we have to leave those bad memories behind and move on. And I think your tips can heal them better with time.

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