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A Journal about finding true lasting happiness

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Kerry Girling takes a glimpse into reality in his own personal written journal about finding happiness. Initially produced for his own daughters fruitful well being later in life, he decided to expand his horizons and share his wisdom to anyone who wishes to find their own happiness. In this descriptive journal Kerry guides you along a journey into various life perspectives to help you capture the true meaning of your life – what it is, and what you can do to make it better. He explains the most common faults in finding true lasting happiness. Through his nearly two decades of experience as a youth motivator, mixed with intense discussions with a vast array of believers of all ages races and backgrounds, he depicts the difference of how a simple tweak in your own perspective of reality can alter your life drastically for the better.

He shares his own perspective of life – what it is and the importance of just being. He fables about being Native and how you can achieve anything despite your background. Discussing in depth about the law of attraction, his message proves your thoughts equal your reality. Discussing even more in depth he explains the law of Karma and how it works either in favor of or against your initiatives.

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