vv4The Motivate Experience Package details – The Motivate Experience package contains all the resources needed to eliminating bullying, cyber-bullying and drug abuse in your community, school or household. It’s designed to accommodate teachers, parents and school administrators with the key tools that will create a healthier learning environment. There’s no reason to miss out on one great product for another, that’s why we have packaged all of our great products together for one low price. The Motivate Experience Package includes the following products:



1. The Instigator (48 min anti-bullying film)
2. The Influence (48 min anti-drug film)

3. Documentary Unleashed (22 min documentary on cyber-bullying)
4. School of Pain (22 min documentary on youth bullying at school)
5. At What Price? (30 min documentary on steroid abuse)
6. Student Survival Guide – A success guide; how to achieve goals,gain self-esteem and cope with Bullying and peer pressure



The Instigator

The Instigator is a short film which explores many universal themes people of all ages, especially students might experience. It is a heartfelt effort with the purpose in mind to educate about the harmful effects of bullying and cyber bullying.

Based on true events, Mark´s journey is one of many painful experiences. Despite encouragement from some of his friends, he battles low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, and continually endures indignant humiliation and cyber bullying. Like many tormented youngsters he dreads having to go to school every day, fearing the inevitable, and unfortunately in this case, deadly consequences.




School of Pain

School of Pain shares many heartfelt stories of today’s youth relating to bullying and cyber bullying. This documentary clears the path of the unknowing mystery to achieving optimal self-esteem and breaks the barriers of bullying in school and at home.

Bold statements from victims of bullying of all forms claim the true reasons behind their abuse. Their heartfelt stories declare their feelings about the issue which brings valuable knowledge to each viewer. The testimonies in this documentary will define the most troublesome areas of cyber bullying and direct abuse. It will help teachers understand their students through a more deeper perspective, allowing them to acknowledge the common symptoms of bullying sooner, thus creating a more peaceful and bully-free environment.



The Influence

The Influence is a short film, based on a true story and delves into the reality of youth and the dangers of common street drugs. This heartfelt piece explores many modern themes that people of all ages, especially students can relate to.

Jake is a regular kid in a regular community. Despite peer pressure from his friends at school, his ambitions of being a professional skater is driven by the influence of his older brother. Based on true events, Jake’s downward spiral of negative influence and poor lifestyle choices brings him further from his goals. Like many teenagers, Jake experiments with common street drugs and is pressured into making uncomfortable choices, while getting caught in the deadly crossfire.



Documentary Unleashed

This highly informative and heartfelt piece is inspiring and will impact every type of audience, as it delves into the most common youth related issue of bullying; something everyone can relate to. It’s geared to educate about the harmful effects of bullying, and includes special interviews with the cast and crew of The Instigator, and also contains an exclusive interview of professional football player Graeme Bell and his fight after being physically assaulted, potentially ending his football career.


At What Price?

Like many high school teenagers, Dave Magnussen had a goal in mind to build a healthy physique at the age of fifteen. He studied his role model’s successes and was driven through their footsteps. His energetic mindset and goal setting attitude brought him closer to achieving his ultimate goal of a massive body structure. Although, he surpassed his goals early in life, his desire continued. The months of intense training were no longer enough. He wanted to be bigger than his role models, and he was confident that he could make it happen. His thoughts led him to do something against even his own morals … steroids; a very common youth issue.


Student Survival Guide

The Student Guide is filled with useful tips and techniques to help teens eliminate bullying, cyber bullying and peer pressure. It’s geared for youth of all ages and is appropriate for all teenagers. It contains incredible knowledge for optimal youth development. Focusing on nine stages of success, this guide is complete with everything teenagers need to know to advance their future goals. It will help them unlock their true passions while encouraging positive lifestyle choices. Download and print as many copies as you need with purchase.


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