Self defeating habits

Our beliefs are the key to our happiness. That’s why it’s important to select beliefs that are positive in nature; ones that inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be. Our beliefs also shape our perspective of the way we see reality. There are many different factors that come into play when selecting our beliefs. Religion, education, friends and family are some examples of a few influences within our belief system. Even though many of our beliefs were learned through our life experiences; it’s the lessons we’ve learned in our childhood that are the most crucial to the development of our minds. In fact, they hang onto our minds for the longest period of time.  if you were to find a belief of yours, any belief. If you analyzed it in every realm, I can almost guarantee the belief could be traced back to your early past as a child. Knowing this may suggest that somehow along the line we have grasped onto a few negative beliefs. These beliefs have led to negative habits; habits that beat up your mind.

It’s important to rid ourselves of all self-defeating habits as soon as they form. These negative habits cause immense damage to our psyche. When you glance at your daily regime, do you notice any habits that take away from the quality of your life? Here are some examples that will give you an idea what I’m talking about: smoking cigarettes, overeating, drug abuse, medication abuse, watching too much television, playing too many video games, procrastination, hating yourself, holding onto past mistakes. Are there any reciprocating habits that drag you down and cause you to belittle yourself? Do you have any habits that push you off course of your life plan? Wouldn’t it be great if you could eliminate all of these self-defeating habits? Could you imagine the amount of free time, energy and freedom you would receive when you finally rid yourself from all of these habits?

Make your life a priority. Take the time to eliminate your self-defeating habits one at a time. It will change your life dramatically in a positive way.

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  • Travis

    Don’t know if I have some bad, self-defeating habits from my childhood, but there is one bad habit of mine which I’m fighting hard to defeat; and that is procrastination. Now, I don’t remember when it became a part of my life but one thing is certain, it did in the past and still to a certain extent waste a lot of my invaluable time. I, for one, surely know that the day I beat this self damaging habit of mine, I will have full control over my life and will rule the world. Thanks for reminding me again as to how important it is to topple it. Great piece!

  • Kayla

    “Make your life a priority.” – that sounds so simple yet amazing. I can see some of the bad habits I picked up based on my early beliefs as a child. We never really stop to think about where these “bad” habits came from. Things like overeating, sleeping late, fearing new experiences, etc. Maybe we are just afraid of what we will find out if we dig a little deeper and we fear having to try and change our ways. I will try to challenge my fears and turn some bad beliefs into good ones. Thanks for the extra push, Kerry!

  • George

    I eliminated most of my bad habits your suggested way. My wife helped me a lot in the process. I started giving priority to people and task in my life. It reduced the mess in my life and made it stable. Then I targeted my bad habit one by one and finally get rid of my drug habit. I am sober for last 3 years and living a happy life with my wife and two kids.

  • Maddie

    Habits such as these are the ones that really have a tendency to hurt you the most. I personally am guilty of not putting myself first and always looking at other people to be my savior. Not only can nobody make you truly happy if you don’t make yourself happy first, but that also portrays you to yourself as if you are not strong enough, or good enough, to be okay on your own. A bad habit for sure!

  • Hashim

    The truth hurts. It’s easy to ignore yourself when you think these thoughts…but seeing them here makes you have to start facing facts!

  • Joshua

    Nothing in our lives is an accident….. If it happened, you can bet it happened for a reason….. Self sabotage is an excuse, you and only you can make your life better….. Make a decision, then get it done, take care of yourself so you can take care of those who need you the most, only then can you achieve true harmony and balance….. YOU are the key to true happiness!!

  • Blake Rogers

    After reading this, I went down the memory lane and tried to analyze my life holistically. What came out of this introspection really surprised me. I think I did pick up some bad habits from my childhood which are part of me till this day. Like watching a heck lot of television, playing games like there’s no tomorrow and few more. I didn’t even realize when these self-defeating habits became such an inseparable part of my life. I will surely now work on them and try defeating these habits of mine. Thanks!

  • jill

    Good habits makes person wealthy and healthy where as bad habits makes a person poor and unhealthy. Our daily life works on our habits, this article is very useful for quitting bad habits and how to remove negative habits from life.

  • Louise Field

    I was a chain smoker an year back. With conviction and self belief, I got rid of smoking almost 2 months ago. It was extremely hard to quit smoking but my determination and belief helped me achieve my goal. My life is on track again!!

  • Jason T

    Yeah it’s common to have these thoughts, they just seem to pop up out of nowhere. The difference here is are you going to dwell on them or not? Most of us do, and that’s where we fall. I admit, I’ve fallen victim to them from time to time as well. But it’s a daily fight, gotta keep getting up and defeat these self-defeating habits.

  • Sara

    My childhood was hard and I didn’t know how hard until I became an adult. My confidence was something that was almost non-existent. I feel like I took the experiences of being a child who didn’t feel good enough or worthy enough into my teen years and just never grew out of it. I always say “You are your own worst enemy”.

  • Greta

    I think that overeating has become one of the biggest problems in developed countries. It’s the easiest thing to do to “relieve” stress as are smoking and drinking. Many people are getting fat and unhealthy because they have emotional eating problems that may need years of treatment to turn around. Sometimes I tend to overeat when I’m upset or stressed out. I feel better while doing so and bad afterwards. Thankfully, I don’t do this very often.

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