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As a parent I often come across parental conversation such as proper morals and values, and bringing our children up with the right attitude, while helping them configure true wholesome beliefs. The truth is, this type of conversation doesn’t end, ever. Plus, I’m often teaching this kind of stuff to teachers and parents of the children I talk to in schools. Either way, yes I agree it’s important stuff to implement, but I hate to see parents who are taught this kind of stuff but don’t implement it into their daily routine. They talk the talk but they wonder why their children act up in public. They wonder why they don’t have proper focus in school. Why they’re suicidal. Or, why they play video games all the time.

The real truth is that parents don’t spend quality time with their kids these days. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be playing video games in the first place. Yes, I understand we have more responsibilities these days. Some of us are working two jobs to fulfill our daily needs, and it’s tough to maintain a balance of proper quality time spent with our kids due to this. But, if you want your kids to have good morals and beliefs, and want them to make quality choices in their life, then you’re going to need to spend quality time with them. This goes beyond spending 15 minutes here or there, every other day, I’m talking about serious quality time spent with them. They’ll become only what you put into them.

I remember when I was younger. Yes this is one of those (back in those days) stories. But, anyway. Back in those days I wasn’t into video games. I didn’t spend time indoor’s very often because my Dad always arranged activities outdoors. And, I mean “always.” He spent a lot of time with me and my brothers outdoor’s – playing baseball, going for hikes, or just going for random walks around the community. I can surely tell you (from experience) that the quality time spent with him was exactly what contributed to who I’ve become today, including my values, beliefs and everything in between.

As a parent, I’ve witnessed the tremendous growth within my own children. Obviously, they learned through their own surroundings, and from the people in their path, but I can see the way they interact with others; their politeness and manners. I can see the differences between other families – especially with those who I know barely spend quality time with their kids, and I see the opposite of what I’m used to my own household. This is directly due to the amount of quality time both my wife and I spend with our kids. You surely shouldn’t expect them to learn good values from anyone else. If you do, yikes! Good luck with that.

When my kids were born my new passion was born. I spend as much quality time with them as possible, not only for their growth, but for my own enjoyment. Life is boring otherwise.


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  • Mitchell

    It is worrisome to see some parents watch their children play computer games all-day, without having any plan to engage them in some useful communication about issues they can share together. Nice post Girling.

  • Gabriela

    Enjoyed reading the article above, really explains everything in detail about passion in parenting, Great work!!

  • Jason T

    Oh you are preaching, Kerry! It breaks my heart to see how families spend their family time these days… in front of a TV or a smartphone / tablet… instead of sitting at the table during meals, or playing board games on a Friday night… sharing laughs, stories about their day.. the kind of stuff I did with my parents when I was a kid.

    We need to bring this back to our families again. It starts with me and my family.

  • Cassie W.

    One of the most important things when it comes to parenting is not just telling your children what to do, how to believe, ect. but SHOWING them these things. Children learn much like puppies and kittens. They need to see an action to understand it. They need to also see the reward that follows. I never was taught this and certainly wasn’t raised this way and I see the negative effects of not being able to see the actions. I have trust issues, I can be ungrateful, I lack confidence, and it took me nearly 15 years to understand what a healthy relationship even is.

    All that aside, I enjoyed the read and wanted to share that. I plan to not only lead by example but show my future children that family time is a good thing.

  • Rebecca

    Unfortunately, people today need to work more to pay their bills. I think, we as a society have forgotten the important things in life. We should all just slow down and not stress ourselves out so much. People should be able to work for 8 hours max and have a good salary. They shouldn’t need to work for 12 hours and not have a life besides that. And yes, kids need you to spend real time with them, doing activities they learn from and ones they just like to do. The more quality and time you invest the better of a parent you will be.

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