There doesn’t have to be a reason


I remember back when I was younger, between 18 and 26. I was very ambitious, much’s like today. But I remember questioning myself all the time, especially when accomplishing my goals.
Before I started each project I would always ask myself, why am I doing this? Often times I couldn’t come up with any valid reason other than for my own enjoyment, and of course helping inspire others. As I look back at all my accomplishments I’ve become quite grateful because each one helped me build a strong foundation of credibility. Plus, it’s satisfying knowing that I did everything I could back then to make my dreams a reality.

Over the years I learned that our ambitions are really only important to ourselves. To everyone else they’re just interesting.

Anyway, you don’t need to have a reason to do anything. If it’s interesting to you, and serves your passionate side then go for it.

What made me think about this:
Recently I’ve been looking for opportunity utilizing my talents as a public speaker, writer and producer. Without getting into all the detail I came across an opportunity to become an intern at one of the largest motivational hub spots on the Internet. Their requirements are exactly what I’ve accomplished in my life. If I hadn’t have just went for it each time when working on my accomplishments in my youth rather than questioning myself to the point of giving up I would’ve had to pass up on this opportunity. But, that’s not the case. I’m grateful for going for it in my youth.


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