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“In this world of over seven billion people, there are literally hundreds of millions of people that don’t ever experience the things that we take for granted every day.”

Our negative experiences help us live happier lives. Without them we couldn’t differentiate between happiness and suffering. In fact, our biggest mistakes teach us the biggest life lessons. It’s important to view all our experiences with open mind. In reality, no experience is either positive or negative; they just are. It’s our differentiating beliefs, values and perspectives that determines whether an experience is either positive or negative in nature. Finding the positives in any situation is important to help increase our everyday happiness. Happiness resides in all of the experiences we live through; both positive and negative ones. Even the negative situations have their benefits. Knowing this can help you look at negative situations in a positive manner. It will help build a healthy belief system.

Happiness resides everywhere. It resides in the conversations with our coworkers and in traffic jams. It comes from our families and friendships. It even resides in the hardship that we’ve lived. In fact, it resides in every experience we live. Unfortunately very few see it that way. The majority of us are determined that happiness resides only within the latest technology or through our monthly pay cheque. This type of belief only leads to inner hardship.

When I was a young boy, as far as I can remember, I didn’t see life through the same perspective as I do today. In fact, my views of the world are constantly changing. Each experience has helped me shape my inner beliefs and values. Through the years I’ve learned that harvesting positive beliefs of any kind helps inspire my passions and is one of the key fundamentals to finding true inner happiness. Weather your beliefs were taught in school, or if you picked them up from the pastor of your church, each of your beliefs assist you towards living a happy and truly content lifestyle.

We generate our beliefs through various forms. Mostly through our friends and closest relatives. These people are the ones we trust in. We believe nearly everything they say. However, even though a belief may have already been formed, it doesn’t mean it is there to sty forever. You can simply replace it with something better. Taking a look at your own beliefs will help you determine where they were formed it in the first place. By acknowledging a belief, you’re accenting it, enabling you to determine if it is in line with your current values. Much like our ever-changing beliefs; our values are changing just as rapidly. Sometimes we need a reality check to see if our beliefs and values are in line with the image we perceive our happiness to be.

What does your mind tell you to believe in? What self-defeating beliefs do you hold about yourself or the world around you? Start with eliminating them one at a time. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Katherine

    You are very right in saying that our negative experiences actually help us live happier lives. How would we know what happiness is if we wouldn’t experience sadness? One cannot exist without the other. It’s a balance that makes life what it is. You can’t fully appreciate the light without going through the darkness. And yes, our values and beliefs are often the ones we use to judge if an experience has been bad or good for us. I try to see the best in everything so nothing is really as bad as it initially seems.

  • Jiminez

    The first line of your article hit my mind. It’s totally true and worth it if we apply it in our life. Mistakes teach us lessons in out life same way bad experience and sad things make you realise that you are living happy lives. If you don’t get suffer, you don’t realise that you are happy. It begins from us, it depends on what we believe and what we do in our life. It’s like two sides of coins, one can’t exist without the other.

  • Madison

    I have always been someone who is especially interested in the beliefs and views of others. I like learning about different religions and things like that because to me, a big portion of who a person is comes from their core values. It also is good to know when you are first meeting someone, because some opinions differ from your own so much that you don’t want to be associated with them. Always a heated topic!

  • francisca

    Awesome post and I totally agree that starting small and moving on to bigger and better things brings better things into your life.

    Thank you for sharing your insight and journey.

  • Gerrard P

    Thank you for sharing your story!
    It has many similarities with my own, only I’m still searching for my path to a simpler and happier life. Your blog is a source of inspiration.

  • Wen Jiang

    LOVE! LOVE! LOVE this post. Thank you for sharing

  • vivan

    I love this post! Acceptance is always the first step if we want to change something in our lives.

  • Martin

    Nice article..Everybody knows where they are going and why. The focus is on achieving a shared vision, and all understand their role in achieving the vision. The focus and vision are developed from common beliefs and values, creating a consistent direction for all involved..

  • Freddy

    Negative experience in life always makes way for some positive things in life, this article teaches is how to get better from negative things. It’s great motivation as we find happiness after some negative experience as happiness is everywhere.

  • Jason T

    Happiness is a choice, one that we need to make. People allow circumstances dictate their happiness but that’s weak and if we always leaned towards that, we will always be unhappy. Circumstances doesn’t make a person happy, their thoughts and beliefs do. Their aspirations and dreams and actions towards their future do. I’m with ya, Kerry!

  • Britt S.

    I has a teacher who once told me that I need to learn from every mistake that I make so it makes it worth going through. I didn’t understand that until I was divorced. It took me going through hell to finally get that life has ups and downs and I need to focus on the ups in order to stay happy. I nearly ended up in a deep depression because I had such negative beliefs and values for myself.

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