If Life is a simulation there’s got to be hackers that coax us in our dreams when we sleep

If Life is a simulation there’s got to be hackers that coax us in our dreams when we sleep

If Life is a simulation there’s got to be hackers that coax us in our dreams when we sleep

Everything is ran on applications these days. In fact our entire lifestyle has become digital. From the time we unplug our charging phones in the morning and replug them in at the end of the night we’ve logged an average of six hours of cellular phone usage. That’s a heavy electronic experience. This doesn’t even account for the office hours we spend on our laptops, tablets and computers. Even our children are entertained electronically; their content displayed for them on iPads. Life is mimicking a video game more and more each day.

It’s tough to say whether the digital world has made things more efficient for humanity or if it’s just gotten in the way. I can’t tell you how many times technology has failed leaving me fretting to find another application to serve a better purpose. Countless times I’ve presented to an entire gymnasium full of students where the PA system would fail, or the screen wouldn’t unravel making me look ridiculous on stage. Often times the software on my computer would freeze. Things started to get better when DVDs became obsolete — they always froze in Canada’s -35° weather. The last few years I’ve been able to run my presentation off and iPad — no moving parts. This made for less technological failure but it still isn’t perfect. That being said, it’s evident that technology is-and-always will be a very big part of our lives. In the realm of all this technology it’s tough to distinguish reality from software. Artificial intelligence and virtual reality glasses are proving that Life can be mimicked. In fact, quite a few scientists believe the simulation theory is possible; that humanity and everything on Earth is all a simulated experience – no more than a video game. 

Modern technology is proving there’s a very good chance humanity is ran on binary code similar to the Matrix. In all of this speculation based on the vast amount of hackers already present in the background of our every day search on the web there’s a very good possibility our brains are being hacked when we sleep. It’s quite possible that our dreams are made up of just another software application.

Have you ever wondered why some of your dreams are rather chaotic, almost profound in their own way like something you couldn’t even think up in the daytime but you’re experiencing it with the exact same emotions, and your reactions are similar as the daytime — like you’re actually living in the experience? Of course you have. We all experience this. That’s because Life is an application. 

Dreams have been observed for a long time. Some psychologist believe there are meanings behind each of our dreams. The simulation theory would be going beyond their field of perspective. In fact, there are 4,200 religions on Earth, each of them believing something slightly different. It’ll be a long time before this simulation theory is accepted as credible but look at Elon Musk how it only took him months to turn the heads of key automakers. This week notches Tesla as more worth than all American automakers combined. There’s a good possibility my observation will be speculated in the near future especially with Elon behind the wheel of this simulation thought. 

If the simulation theory turns out to be true — not like it’s an easy feat to find out, although I assume it’s much easier to test this theory than to locate God — there’s a very good chance our dreams are hacked by hackers hacking the system.

Now, the next question; is the algorithm of Life accounting for your reactions to this post? From this day forward will you be bombarded with natural ads that prove this theory? 

Keep your eyes and heart open my friend.

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