Imagination; the lost art

Imagination; the lost art Accomplishment is usually
viewed as a monetary thing, as though someone needed to acquire financial wealth in order to succeed. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, countless amount of Millionaires have invested large dollars into businesses that have collapsed. Aside from the negative part about business; The one some of us are all too familiar with, I’d like to focus on the actual key component to achievement; imagination.
Imagination is generally looked at as a hokey wives tale as though it has no resiliency or reasoning in human form. Some people look at it similarly as a pseudoscience or something that isn’t fundamental. It’s often overlooked as a valuable asset. The truth is; no great creator or inventor has ever achieved anything without their imagination in tact. In fact, if you ask 100 celebrities what brought them to where they are they wouldn’t say money. The true answer; imagination. 
It doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, it won’t get you famous unless you truly are truly talented. Talent is derived from imagination. Although talent cannot be projected without confidence. And it takes a great deal of persistence to get anywhere, there’s always a silver lining of imaginative thought in the realm of success in any form.
Talented people are imaginative. They derive their best works through a profound series of imaginative inner workings. Often times writers say they have ‘writers block’ which means they’ve lost their imagination. When this happens it doesn’t mean they’ve lost their talent, just the imagination that keeps their talent flowing. Without their imagination they wouldn’t be as creative as they are nor would they accomplish the same realm of feat. 
Once the imagination is lost the art is lost.

There’s really not much more to discuss about imagination and it’s importance in the whole scheme of accomplishment. I made it pretty clear that imagination is the most important fundamental of any realm of accomplishment. Regardless what you’re trying to achieve you’re going to need to tap deep into your imagination.
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