The First Chapter Series – Moving on from what’s been holding you back in life. Powerful inspiration and wisdom about eliminating your first chapter.

Early in life Kerry discovered an intense passion to motivate youth. Inspired to publicly speak about the troubles of bullying after his own personal experiences in high school, Kerry set himself on a journey to encourage youth to proactively eliminate the issue by empowering them to make the right choices. Now an Amazon best-selling author and personal coach to parents and adultstroubled to move forward in their life.



Short, concise and helpful to help improve your happiness

This book was FREE so it’s an easy decision to give it a whirl. Thank you to the author for giving it away for free. There is no hidden demand for any money whatsoever. The author is just kindly trying to improve people’s lives. Thank you 🙂 The book contains a number of simple techniques to help improve your outlook on life and thus feel hopefully happier and more fulfilled. None of them are rocket science, but being happy isn’t. What is important is that you think about how you can improve your mindset through your daily activities. Think about things you can work into your life that you will enjoy. Some exercise, take a walk in the park, smell the flowers, listen to music. Do things for others and expect nothing in return. Play with your kids and make them laugh. Visit your family. Go out with friends. Go on holiday. Read an interesting book, this one perhaps. Explore somewhere. The list is endless. Just make sure you do things and experience life. One of my favourite things from this book is Kerry’s mission in life – to inspire other people. I suggest reading this book when you’re down in life, perhaps on a day where you’re feeling like you want something to make you smile.

D Howell

Thought provoking

This is a well-written book and I found this book to be very informative and well structured. The author has clearly researched this thoroughly and it is always refreshing to see a well-researched book. I would highly recommend picking this book up. The chapters were clear, concise and well structured. This book is inspiring and thought-provoking. This isn’t too heavy or in-depth which I loved. The author makes it very easy to understand. So what you waiting for guys, pick this book up. Would definitely recommend to all friends and family.

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Well written

I love the fact that the author shares their own personal journey throughout this book and how they found peace. What I found particularly riveting was they included direct examples on how we too can find the inner peace we all so rightfully crave. I was really surprised that I loved this book as much as I did. It seems very straightforward but as soon as you start reading it will immediately hook you as it did me. I kept turning page after page until I had finished it. Amazingly well-done book that will leave you wanting more.


Kerry is youthful. He has the experience and passion that has driven him to success, and he has a way with understanding people to assist with understanding life from their perspective. The life skills that can be learned through Kerry’s presentation and personal life coaching sessions will instill the confidence needed to achieve their individual goals for their life. I highly recommend Kerry’s message.

Teacher, J.C. Charyk High School

Kerry’s presentation needs to be heard all across the Nation. The youth of today need to believe in themselves. Kerry‘s positive words have touched so many lives, minds and hearts already. I feel that together we can eliminate the anxieties of childhood, adolescence and right through to
adulthood by starting with positive reinforcement that Kerry has to offer.


Kerry is a dynamic speaker and certainly captivated the attention of our students. He emphasized some important points on setting goals, encouraging others and how “stupid little comments” can tear down a persons self-esteem. He was most effective when he related his own experiences. His
message Impacted our community. Kerry’s charisma was enough to hold everyone’s attention even with a blank white video screen behind him.

School principal


Issues of importance to adolescent development are addressed in this book. I find this an absolute must read for any young person or older person that desperately struggles to understand them. The author maps out exactly what you need to know and I find this author’s writing and the way explain everything most refreshing.

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Amazing read

I would not usually read a book like this, but this was recently recommended to me. I was a little skeptical at first, but as I read more and more of this book. The book is good for anyone who wants to understand the habits of successful people. Make these habits your own and you will be amazed at the progress you can achieve!

Amazon customer review